WATCH: Galloping Giraffe Chases Tourists on South African Safari

Look out!

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Safari rides have always had the element of danger, what with untamed lions, leopards, and rhinos all on the prowl. But giraffes? Turns out they can be pretty aggressive too.

In the video above, recorded by passenger Henk Roos in May, a jeep full of tourists at a South African game park got a run for their money when a wild giraffe decided to charge them. The giraffe chases the open-air vehicle through twists and turns in the trail for half a minute before disappearing. How did the group finally dodge the lanky predator? According to a note posted by Roos on the video, “the ranger banged on the side of the jeep to scare him off. We started to make a noise and he stopped.”

The hooves on giraffes are a good reason to be as nervous as these tourists were — according to the San Diego Zoo, the animals are capable of killing a lion, karate-style, as well as galloping up to 35 miles per hour. These gentle giants are perhaps not so gentle after all.