WATCH: Cats Play with Vacuum Cleaners

Turns out some felines actually enjoy catting around with the household gadget

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Most cats can’t stand unexpected, loud noises — like, say, the whir of the family vacuum cleaner. But apparently a surprising few actually enjoy playing with the household gadget. In this four-minute video, one feline is lapping up air from an extension hose like it’s milk in a bowl, one uses the Roomba as a moving lounger, while another relaxes on her back as her owner suctions the loose fur off her belly.

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Clearly, the motorized air suckers aren’t for every cat. One YouTube commenter chimed in saying, “I want to try this with my cat but he HATES vacuum cleaners. He’s petrified of it.” Another warned ” just don’t get the nozzle anywhere their ears or eyes as it will cause serious injury (implode their eardrum, literally suck their eyeball out, etc).”

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