WATCH: Dog Bolts into Tour de France Race Course

Silly petit chien

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Quelle horreur! A small dog nearly caused a not-small crash at the Tour de France this weekend after he got loose and dashed across the racetrack. The incident occurred just a few miles from the finish line during the event’s second stage. Luckily, the cyclists managed to dodge the four-legged obstacle, and everyone carried on safely.

In the past, such events haven’t turned out so well. In 2007, German cyclist Marcus Burghardt collided with a dog, as CBS News notes. In 2000, a horse made his way onto the track and tried to outrun the peloton. A herd of cows even joined the pack once, causing an accident. So, all things considered, this intrepid little pup caused nothing more than a minor scare — and a collective adrenaline boost.

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