Meet BG: The Johannesburg Zoo’s Tweeting Honey Badger

This honey badger cares

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Don’t panic, but there’s a honey badger following you …on Twitter.

Meet BG, a resident of the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa and quite possibly the world’s first tweeting honey badger in captivity:

In a video, the Johannesburg Zoo explained that it didn’t have the resources to hire a social media expert and decided to fill the position by promoting from within. Specifically, they turned over their @ZooTweetsLive Twitter feed to BG, a seemingly affable honey badger with an attitude.

To help BG implement his social media strategy, his cage has been outfitted with motion-sensors, which are linked to his Twitter account. When BG wanders to his feeding bowl, it triggers a camera that lets him take part in that great social media pastime of taking a picture of his meal:

BG Badger Selfie

Screenshot via YouTube

The topics of BG’s tweets run from commentary on his neighbors:

To interesting animal facts:

To patent bids to get a retweet from a celebrity:

In short, your basic Twitter feed.

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