Qatari Prince’s $500,000 Glow-in-the-Dark Lamborghini Impounded in London

How not to drive a luxury vehicle.

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What’s a Lamborghini Aventador? Not for mere mortals with less than $500,000 to lavish on pimped-out rides that look like something Bruce Boxleitner might’ve raced in a neon-wireframe computer world. Also: not impervious to police attention if you’re missing legal essentials…you know, like license plates.

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The Daily Mail reports that 24-year-old Nasser Al-Thani, part of Qatar’s ruling family, was out for a spin near Qatari-owned London department store Harrods in his electric-purple Lamborghini Aventador — one of the world’s fastest super cars, sporting scissor-doors, a 6.5-liter V12 engine and capable of top speeds of 217 m.p.h. — when police pulled him over. Not for speeding or failing to signal or reckless driving, but, well, it’s not clear why exactly: looking too cool (or ridiculous — you pick) in a souped-up, uber-elite sports car?

Whatever the initial reason, after Al-Thani stopped, police found that the vehicle lacked a mandatory front license plate and that Al-Thani himself could produce neither a driver’s license nor proper insurance paperwork. The result? Half a million dollars of tricked-out automotive crème de la crème hauled away on a flatbed and trucked to the local pound.

“It is great when the wealthy foreign tourists come over every summer as you always see these amazing supercars,” said one apparently starstruck onlooker (via Daily Express), adding that “The Lamborghini looked like something out of Tron, it was absolutely stunning.”

The incident sounds like the latest in a series of elite auto-related altercations. According to the documentary program Millionaire Boy Racers, which ran earlier this year on U.K. station Channel 4, “London is becoming the top summer destination for super-rich Arab tourists and their supercars, but many Knightsbridge and Chelsea residents are now complaining of sleepless nights.”

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