In the Future, Your Twinkies May Be Frozen

But Hostess swears it won't affect the taste or quality

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The triumphant return of the Twinkie is nigh! The iconic little snack cakes hit stores again on July 15, and everyone seems pretty excited about it. But this time around, something will be different about the spongey snacks. Some of them will be — wait for it — frozen. Gasp!

Hostess spokeswoman Hannah Arnold told the Huffington Post that some of the company’s retail customers have requested that the treats be frozen before shipping to help verify how long they’ll stay fresh. But worry not, purists: Hostess said this change in the process will have “no impact on the quality or taste.” As the Huffington Post notes, Arnold insisted that “the integrity of the iconic snack cakes” will not be compromised in any way.

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This news dispels once and for all the old urban legend that Twinkies have an infinite shelf life. As the New York Post reports, the snack cakes actually expire after 45 days. So freezing them would extend their life, allowing stores to defrost them and stock their shelves as needed. But although Hostess insists that the Twinkies will taste just as delicious as they used to, the Post reports that several sources are concerned that freezing could alter the taste, which could ultimately drive down sales.

So let’s just hope that come July 15, the classic snack cakes taste the same as they always have — or better. The last thing the world needs is angry mobs of scorned Twinkie fans.

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