This Robotic Spider Will Haunt Your Dreams

26 tiny motors control the elaborate movements of this eight-legged creepy crawler

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Because we know you’ve been waiting for this: there’s now an ultra-realistic robot-spider that you can have in your very own home. Finally!

Introducing the Robugtix T8, an eight-legged robot made of 26 tiny motors beneath a 3D-printed shell. As explains, each leg houses 3 motors, with two more nested inside the abdomen. You can operate the terrifying little spider-bot with a wireless controller thanks to a movement engine called Bigfoot Inverse Kinematics. All you have to do is select a gait and a direction, and then sit back as the arachnid crawls around your living room. Because why not?

The T8 is now available for pre-order, and could be yours as early as August 31, reports. Here’s some bad news, though: it’s going to cost you $1,350. And after August 1, that price will jump to $1,500. So if you were thinking this could work as a cool gift for your techie uncle or a fun prank to play on your younger sister, you’ll have to be willing to part with some serious dough. But then again, this is such a practical investment — can you really put a price on it?


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