WATCH: Golden Corral’s Dumpster Ribs

Don't worry, no one ate them

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Here’s a video that may spoil your appetite: Footage of raw meat left by a dumpster outside a Golden Corral restaurant in Florida has gone viral on Reddit, The Huffington Post and The Atlantic Wire report.

In the clip, an employee who identifies himself as Brandon Huber takes viewers behind the scenes of the Port Orange location of the buffet chain, and shows flies swarming around trays of uncooked hamburger patties, ribs, pot roast meat, chicken, ham, bacon, plus gravy and green bean casserole sitting out near the dumpster. Huber claimed the restaurant was even undergoing a health department inspection at the time. “I don’t want to cook this food, I don’t feel safe with it,” Huber says in the second part of the video, in which he goes on a rant and calls the management negligent.

On Monday morning, Golden Corral posted a short statement on Twitter and a more lengthy one on the controversial video’s YouTube page, which already boasts thousands of outraged comments.

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The Port Orange location is not the only Florida location that has been deemed unsanitary. The Atlantic Wire points out that Tampa’s ABC affiliate reported on a maggot infestation in the dumpster area of a Golden Corral in the city – plus myriad temperature violations inside the buffet, according to health inspection reports.

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The most well-known example of poor food handling practices is Diane Sawyer’s 1992 ABC News segment on the supermarket Food Lion, in which cameras caught employees selling meat and fish beyond their expiration dates and even coating them in Clorox to cover up the bad smell. And in the past five years, prankster employees at fast-food chains have grossed out customers by…

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