WATCH: NFL Player’s 25 mph Treadmill Sprint

The oldest rookie on any NFL team's roster this year tries to make a name for himself

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Here’s some inspiration to shake you out of your post-holiday haze. The 29-year-old Arizona Cardinals rookie, Robert Gill, posted a video on June 25th showing him running at 25 miles per hour on a treadmill. You can hear Gill at the end say, “I wanted it!” But the majority of us cannot run up to that speed just because we “wanted it.”

Shortly after, 35-year-old former Bengals and Dolphins player, Chad Johnson, also posted a video of him running 24 mph at a 2.5-degree incline from a standing start.

These feats may be awe-inspiring to the rest of us, but the Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt, still reins supreme. Bolt has reached almost 28 mph on a track when he sprinted from the 60m to the 80m mark in 1.61 seconds at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, Germany.

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