Coffee Bean Socks Claim to Reduce Foot Odor

Love coffee? Soon you can wear your favorite beans, too.

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Ministry of Supply

The Atlas sock

Summertime calls for kicking off the shoes and pitter-pattering around barefoot, but for those still trekking to the office during the hottest months, soon there will be a sock that inventors claim will ward off wetness and bad smells. Made of 40% recycled polyester yarn that’s infused with carbonized coffee to absorb foot odor, 40% cotton to absorb foot moisture, and 20% elastane to maintain the shape, the Atlas sock is gaining a lot of traction on the crowd-sourcing site, Kickstarter. In a little over a month, the sock’s company, Ministry of Supply, has already raised $127,447–more than $94,000 over it’s original funding goal aiming to just get the minimum order quantities.

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With other (cheaper) anti-odor, quick drying socks on the market already, the sock’s distinguishing selling point is the carbonized coffee: Reclaimed from coffee roasters and drained of natural oils, it acts like the carbon particles in a Brita water filter, and instead of attracting water impurities, the carbon attracts odor molecules. The Boston-based company claims its sock will work three times more effectively at reducing odor than an average cotton sock. With 15 days still to go to place your order–starting at 2 pairs for $28–the socks come in either ankle or mid-calf shape, and sizes come in medium (men’s 6-9 shoe sizes) and large (men’s 10-13 shoe sizes), with free exchanges and refunds, according to the Kickstarter site.

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