Cool Off with a Camel Milk Smoothie — In Abu Dhabi

A "camel milk mixologist" in the United Arab Emirates is tapping into a growing market

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Camel milk mixologist Mohammad Daoud

If cow or almond milk just don’t do it for you anymore, then you might consider a trip to Abu Dhabi where the Ritz-Carlton’s mixologist there can whip up a more exotic beverage made with camel milk.

Mohammad Daoud joined the newly opened luxury hotel in the United Arab Emirates’ second largest city as possibly the first person in the world to hold the title “Camel Milk Mixologist”. His job is to create cocktails that offers a “unique taste of the Middle East,” according to the hotel’s press release.

His inspiration to use locally-sourced camel milk came from Ramadan – the holy month of fasting for all Muslims that started this past Monday July 8. “I wanted to create something special for the upcoming Holy Month of Ramadan,” said Mohammad Daoud in the press release. “Because camel milk has a high level of protein and additional nutrients, it’s an excellent beverage to consume during Sohour, the meal taken prior to sunrise for Muslims fasting during Ramadan.” The camel milk menu will be offered in Mijana, the hotel’s Arabic restaurant, even after Ramadan.

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The menu posted on the hotel’s website says the camel milk smoothies will come with a choice of three flavors: strawberry, cherry and nuts. There is also iced coffee with camel milk and camel milk ice cream.

The drinks will come in flavors ranging from sweet strawberry to refreshing mint, a necessity considering that camel milk is “slightly saltier than cows’ milk”, according to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization.

Ritz-Carlton may be on the money by tapping into our growing thirst for camel milk. The U.N. organization wrote on its website that while most camel milk is traded informally, it could potentially become a $10 billion world market. As for its nutritional value, the organization said that compared to cow’s milk, camel milk is “three times as rich in Vitamin C and is known to be rich in iron, unsaturated fatty acids and B vitamins.” Doctors in Africa have already been prescribing the milk to AIDS patients, while doctors in Russia, Kazahkstan and India recommend the milk for recuperating patients.

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