Google Maps Out Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley

Now you can see the Leaky Cauldron on Street View

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Diagon Alley on Google Maps

Google Maps added the set of Diagon Alley, part of the Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, Hertfordshire, to street view this week. Now muggles can skip the trip to England and virtually stroll along the cobblestone streets from the comfort of their own desk. Fans will recognize details of the set that was featured in all eight Harry Potter films. It took the films’ prop team six months to create the 20,000 objects and packages that you can spot inside the windows of the shops.

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This isn’t the first time Google has decided to map out an outlandish location. You can explore the Amazon Rainforest from Street View, and last week the Google crew added Battleship Island to their maps—the location that inspired Javier Bardem’s hideout in the James Bond movie Skyfall. But Diagon Alley is the first fictional location Google has ever mapped.

We’re hoping Google Maps’ next project will be the Marauder’s Map.

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