WATCH: Taher Shah, Pakistan’s Internet Sensation

The blue-eyed singer really like eyes, but his long, dark tresses captured our gaze in this video

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YouTube may be banned in Pakistan, but that hasn’t stopped the country’s viral sensation Taher Shah from sharing his passion for eyes. Yes, that’s right — eyes. The self-proclaimed singer, writer, model, producer, director and businessman shot, directed and edited a near five minute ode to the oculus starring himself.

In a series of soft-lit scenes where he sways back and forth, talking to mirror images, Shah waxes poetic on the subject. The video has notched more than 112,000 views and launched the Pakistani to internet fame. But it didn’t happen overnight. In an interview with a local Pakistani newspaper, Shah explains that he worked on the song for 18 months, and the message is “eyes are the most vital part of body and culture. They can bring out many meanings, and are a complete subject.”

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Here’s a rundown of just how many ways he delivers his message:

  • Essential, sensational eyes
  • My eyes and your eyes
  • Colorful eyes
  • Our eyes
  • Fabulous, exciting eyes
  • Eye to eye
  • Glorious eyes
  • Spectrum eyes
  • Sparkling eyes
  • My pride eye
  • Simple charming eyes
  • Stylish, excellent human eyes
  • Spectacular eyes
  • Beautiful eyes
  • Dreaming fairies’ [sic] eyes
  • Wonderful, gorgeous eyes
  • Emotional and happy eyes

We get it, you like eyes.

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