Can’t Get a Cronut? Try the Crookie

Could it be the prefect marriage of a buttery croissant and Oreo cookies?

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Olivier Jansen-Reynaud

The Toronto bakery, Calfouti, has created a crookie: a croissant-Oreo hybrid.

Step aside, United States. Canada doesn’t need your hyped croissant-doughnut hybrid anymore. Now that the original cronut has become nearly impossible to procure, a Canadian bakery is serving up an innovative alternative called the Crookie.

Made by Clafouti, a patisserie in Toronto, the crookie is part croissant and part cookie–an Oreo, that is. According to the Toronto Star, it’s not just another cronut knockoff:

Oddly delicious, the muted saltiness of the croissant is jacked to addictive levels by the insulin-spiking sweetness of the iconic black-and-white cookie. Not surprisingly, it is much denser and heavier than a typical croissant, but miraculously, the crookie retains the croissant’s moist lightness.

Here’s how the crookie came into existence: A few weeks ago, the bakery was originally approached by local magazine the Grid with a mashup dessert challenge. Clafouti owners Olivier Jansen-Reynaud and Marsh happened to be brainstorming ideas when they spotted of a bag of Oreo cookies sitting in the shop. The crookie was born about a week later.

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