A Paula Deen Comic Book Is In the Works

It will be part of a series on female empowerment

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The cover of "Female Force: Paula Deen" is shown in this photo released on July 10, 2013.

What’s funny about Paula Deen? Enough, apparently, to create a comic book covering the rise and fall of the Southern chef, who was fired from the Food Network in June and has faced a wave of criticism for racist remarks she made in a deposition for a discrimination lawsuit against her.

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Bluewater Productions, which will release the comic in October, says the book was in the works long before Deen’s racial epithets came to light and that it is designed to highlight Deen as a female empowerment figure. At least one page will be updated to reflect recent events concerning Deen. “We’re not going to flambé her,” Bluewater President Darren Davis told NPR in a statement. “The majority of the comic book will focus on how she became an iconic brand, the challenges of her humble beginnings and the results of bursting certain stereotypes.”

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The book with be part of the publisher’s Female Force” series, which has highlighted other prominent women in the past, including first lady Michelle Obama and author J.K. Rowling. According to Davis, all proceeds from the book’s will be directly donated to a charity chosen by Deen. The former Food Network star would not receive any of the profits. Deen is not involved in the project and — unsurprisingly– has not replied to the publisher’s requests to participate in the project or select a charity.