WATCH: Puppy Eats Watermelon Chunks


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Summer workdays are a challenge for everyone. The weekends are great: Days are long, the weather is nice and there’s always something fun to do even if it’s just watching the clouds roll by in the sky. Then comes the work week, and you find yourself facing a computer screen in a cubicle with nothing but a Garfield comic, office coffee and the gentle whir of the copy machine to keep you company. It feels like an eternity until your early dismissal on Summer Friday when you can rush outside, apply sunblock and go frolic in the great outdoors again.

Luckily the internet is here to help. Make your Tuesday much more manageable by taking a break with this video of an undeniably adorable fluffy little Pomchi (Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix) puppy munching on a watermelon. Get your RDA of cuteness in one easy serving.

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