WATCH: Bee Gives Man a High Five

The friendliest bumblebee you'll see all day

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Of all of the winged bugs that humans encounter on a regular basis, bees have one of the worst reputations, only marginally better than mosquitoes and cockroaches. While the insects provide us with some essential services like honey production and cross-pollination, it’s hard to separate the image of a bee from the prospect of a painful sting.

This video, posted on YouTube July 7, might help boost the bee’s image. The bumblebee is lounging around, minding its own business, when a hand approaches it. Instead of flying away or preparing to attack, the bee simply raises one, spindly arm in the air. We couldn’t interview the bee, so it remains unclear if it was going for a “stop right there” hand gesture or a friendly high-five, but we’re giving it the benefit of the doubt and assuming it’s the latter.