Bare Minimum: 8 Shirtless Celebrity Selfies

The nearly-nude photo that TV host Geraldo Rivera posted online over the weekend was so embarrassing he quickly deleted it. Here are several other torso shots that set Twitter abuzz

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Geraldo Rivera

The talk show host is active on Twitter, often weighing in on the day’s biggest political and social issues. Lately for Rivera it’s been all Trayvon Martin, all the time. But he took a break from his cultural commentary this weekend to throw in a personal (okay, very personal) tweet. Along with his declaration that 70 is the new 50, Rivera also wrote in the tweet, “Erica and family are going to be so pissed…but at my age…” (Erica refers to his fifth wife, Erica Michelle Levy. No word yet on just how pissed she is.) The next day, Rivera had deleted the original tweet, offering the following explanation:


Justin Bieber

Oh, hey there Biebs. Almost didn’t see you there with your shirtless Instagram selfie. Not that we’re surprised — the pop star is one of social media’s reigning kings, with millions of followers clamoring for a glimpse of his 19-year-old Canadian self. Sure, he’s already shared plenty of shirtless photos before, but those are usually taken by other people. Last week, he was kind enough to take a break from “getting a massage watching the sunset” (as the caption says) so he could snap this topless selfie.

Heidi Klum

Apparently the 40-year-old supermodel needed to find ways to stave off boredom on her recent trip to Bora Bora. And so, like any normal person with free time on a tropical island, she grabbed her phone and snapped a selfie. But this was no ordinary selfie. Klum used sand and shells to create a smiley face on her stomach, and then took a sort of aerial shot, tweeting the image with the caption, “Smile!” And who said selfies were just for millennials?

Zach Braff

Sometimes shirtless celebrity selfies are totally gratuitous, but other times, they serve a greater purpose. Take this recent one from Zach Braff, who tweeted it to Channing Tatum, asking, “When are auditions for Magic Mike 2?” Clearly Braff’s photo is meant to be a sort of visual résumé to help him snag a role. Unfortunately for Braff, it doesn’t seem that Tatum ever responded. At least not publicly, that is. One never knows what kinds of selfies Tatum could be sending under the radar.

Austin Mahone

If you want to be like Justin Bieber, you must think — and act — like Justin Bieber. For the uninitiated, Austin Mahone is basically the 17-year-old, less-famous, American version of the Biebs. So of course, he has taken to Instagram to share a shirtless photo of himself pumping iron. Now, to be fair, this isn’t technically a selfie, as he clearly didn’t take the photo himself. But functionally, this is a Bieber-level selfie, with the caption, “#InMyZone.” The Wall Street Journal has already named Mahone “a leading contender to be the next Bieber.” If he wants to reign supreme, he’ll need to keep those selfies coming.

Ricky Gervais

Like Zach Braff, Ricky Gervais has shared a shirtless photo with a purpose. The British funnyman tweeted at E! Online in January to give them a sneak peak of his Golden Globes get-up: a pair of jeans, and nothing else. His tweet asks, “Does this finally get me on your best dressed list?” We can almost hear his infectious giggle accompanying the photo.

Tom Hanks

Even America’s all-time favorite actor has gotten in on the shirtless selfie craze. (Although to be fair, his son Chet is the family’s true expert on the subject of over-the-top shirtless photos.) The actor tweeted the photo last summer following a tour of the USS Montpelier, a famous submarine stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. Hanks’ selfie — which prominently features his souvenir cap — served as a thank you to the crew for the tour.

Anthony Weiner

And then of course, there’s Anthony Weiner. The former Congressman rose to notoriety in 2011 following a scandal that involved an explicit photograph sent to a woman via Twitter. But then, oh wait! Shortly thereafter, another image surfaced — and it was a shirtless selfie! The Democrat had allegedly emailed it to a woman, and it was later obtained by, one of the sites founded by the late Andrew Breitbart. Just another plot point in the dramatic saga that was Weinergate.

A photo from the website shows a shirtless U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner which was emailed to a young woman. / REUTERS