How to Live to 150 and Other Fascinating News around the Web

July 24, 2013

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  1. Will Humans Live Forever?

    “The first person to live to 150 is alive today.” That statement comes from an ad campaign recently launched by Prudential. And there are plenty of folks who think the lifespan of the average human is going to extend a lot further than that. In Newsweek, two experts debate whether you can live forever. Is immortality plausible? Or is it quack science? I’m still not wise enough to answer that question. Check back with me when I’m about a thousand.

    + According to a recent study, our happiest ages are 23 and 69.

    + It may not get you to 150, but you could live a little longer if you eat your breakfast.

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  2. Forget Those Carpool Lanes

    With all of the studies indicating that we’ve reached peak car, the long term trends might surprise you. Fewer people take public transportation, walk to work, or work from home than in 1960. And regardless of the increasing number of carpool lanes, these days, when we drive, we drive alone.

  3. The Countries That Hate America the Most

    Which nations hate the U.S. the most? Hint: Check out the countries that receive the most U.S. aid.

    + Speaking of negative vibes, a whopping 83% of Americans now disapprove of Congress, and six in ten would vote to throw out all incumbents and start over. In other news, next election, most incumbents will win handily.

  4. Meet Carlos Danger

    By now, you’ve probably heard that NYC Mayoral contender Anthony Weiner held a press conference (and he was clearly prepared for it) to discuss new reports of his sexting habits which included the use of the nickname Carlos Danger. Weiner has vowed to stay in the race even though everyone else can see this thing is over. If there is any hope for humanity, the mayoral write-in votes for Carlos Danger will come in ahead of Anthony Weiner. One of the more interesting parts of the story is that Weiner’s sexting started when a woman reached out on Facebook to express her disappointment with him. If nothing else, Weiner definitely has a future as a web comments moderator.

    + You thought nothing could top the popularity of the Royal Baby on BBC News? Think again.

    + And yes, there’s a Carlos Danger name generator.

    + And sort of related … Selfie-Loathing: Instagram is even more depressing than Facebook. Here’s why.

  5. The Problem with Menthol Cigarettes

    The FDA could be set to regulate the amount of menthol in cigarettes. The issue? Menthol makes it easier to start smoking and harder to quit. And it’s a big issue. “More than one-third of all cigarettes sold in the United States are menthols, and 40 percent of new smokers pick menthols.”

    + It’s official: We’re seduced by cigarette packaging.

  6. Where Facebook Went Wrong

    “This was the moment that the social network transitioned from MySpace competitor to Google challenger; when Facebook became not just another Web 2.0 startup, but the Web 2.0 startup, one that others could lean on to spur their own growth, Facebook stopped being a wall and started being a platform. Too bad it wouldn’t last.” Pando Daily’s excellent Hamish Mckenzie on Facebook’s gigantic missed opportunity.

    + There’s a social network dedicated to happy moments. Why do I have the feeling Carlos Danger is among the members?

  7. Stuck in Moscow, Snowden’s Still Winning

    With news reports suggesting that Edward Snowden could soon be headed out of Moscow’s airport (even though, he’s still stuck there for now), it’s worth taking stock of exactly what he’s accomplished so far. In terms of his own goals, he’s accomplished a lot. Whether you love him or hate him, there’s a decent chance you’re thinking more about privacy. And so are lawmakers.

  8. The World’s Most Expensive Cities

    If Edward Snowden does end up taking residence in Moscow (the city, not the airport), he better hope he gets a high paying job. Moscow is on this list of the world’s most expensive cities.

  9. Making Music the Old-Fashioned Way

    Syndicated from Kottke: Steinway & Sons, the celebrated piano making company, recently produced this video of how their grand pianos are constructed. Their process for building pianos has changed so little that they were able pair 1980s factory tour audio from former chairman John Steinway to contemporary footage of their Astoria, NY factory.

  10. The Bottom of the News

    In many parts of the world, people struggle to find enough drinking water to survive. In a few places, people request the opinion of a Water Sommelier before taking their first sip. (Our culture might be tapped out.)

    + 16 words that are much older than they seem.

    + Do dolphins call each other by name? If they do, imagine the names they’re calling us.

    + The Segway Polo World Cup. And you thought the Segway would never catch on.