WATCH: Prancercise Lady’s New ‘X-Rated’ Video

Learn how to trot, gallop and box in the horse-inspired workout style

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Break out the ankle weights: fitness enthusiast Joanna Rohrback, who starred in a John Mayer music video and made Richard Simmons weep with joy, has released a new video  about Prancercise, the exercise routine she designed that’s supposed to be similar to a horse’s gait. It seems like an attempt to repeat the success of her first tutorial, which went viral in June and now boasts more than 7.5 million views.

Her newest clip, entitled “Uninhibited Fitness,” is clearly designed to help wannabe Prancercisers work up the courage to release their “inner horse” in public, for many may not be as brave as Red Sox hitter David Ortiz, who “Prancercised” to the MLB All-Star Game last week. “I’m uninhibited as I’ve already exhibited, so let them stare and gawk — I’m gonna do my Prancercise walk!” Rohrback exclaims in a frilly neon green blouse as she gallops along a palm-tree lined path. In the six-minute clip, Rohrback demonstrates the difference between a Prancercise trot and gallop, then introduces the “Prancercise box,” which involves strapping on wrist weights.

Oh, and you won’t find anything “X-rated” in this video, despite the caveat at the beginning of the video. The warning appears to refer to one point when Rohrback responds to the comedians who have joked that her Prancercise workout clothes are too revealing.

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