Behold, The Mercedes Golf Cart of the Future

The luxury car maker takes a swing at designing a luxury golf cart

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Professional golfer Phil Mickelson may have won the British Open last weekend, but Mercedes-Benz won the competition for the best golf cart – or concept for one.

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During the tournament, the car company released design sketches of a “Vision Golf Cart”, which looks less like a golf cart and more like a miniature futuristic SUV. It would be an electric car, powered by batteries that are charged by solar-panels on the roof of the vehicle, FOX News reports. Golfers sitting in either the passenger seat or the driver’s seat can maneuver it using a joystick in the middle instead of a steering wheel. The car also features, according to the New York Daily News:

a state-of-the art media system accompanied by touch screen monitors, and a multimedia panel with a rotatable docking station for an iPad or iPhone, which also allows duffers to communicate with other golf carts and the clubhouse.

Heck, it even includes an “air scarf” in the seat which blows hot air on golfers’ necks in case anyone gets chilly while playing a round as well as a “Fore” button — which may, or may not, sound like Siri — which quickly warns other players on the course of a misplaced shot.

The Mercedes prototype is still in the idea stage, but if you want to drive a futuristic golf cart now, head to Windy Knoll Golf Club in Springfield, Ohio, where two hovercraft golf carts – endorsed by 2012 Masters Tournament winner Bubba Watson – are supposed to be available for public use, beginning this weekend. Throughout the week, the golf club has reportedly been removing trees to make room and designating lakes on the course that the vehicles – which reportedly cost $58,000 a piece – are allowed to fly over.

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