The $50,000 Bouncy House Hotel Room

The world's first "pop-up" hotel room debuts in Denver

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Ty Reed Shell

Bouncy houses and jumping castles were probably up there on your list of favorite carnival activities as a kid, so why not enjoy them as an adult too? Now you can, courtesy of The Curtis hotel in Denver.

The boutique hotel commissioned artist Alex Schweder to produce an art installation called “The Hotel Rehearsal,” a mobile hotel room tricked out with an inflatable bed that doubles as a couch and a small bathroom complete with sink, shower and toilet. Elevated 22 feet in the air using a van-mounted jack, the bedroom walls and ceiling of the 7-by-10 foot room are clear — all the better for night-time star-gazing. When you need privacy, simply pull down the shades. The so-called pop-up hotel room will move to different parking lots over the next several weeks. According to the artist, that movement reflects the growth and expansion of society — what is a parking lot today could be a hotel tomorrow.


Ty Reed Shell

Although the hotel room was designed as an interactive art installation for this year’s Biennial of the Americas – a six-week festival celebrating art and culture that began on July 16 — one can actually stay in the room for a whopping $50,000 per night through August 23. The Lloyd in the Sky with Diamonds package includes one night in the hotel room, two-iPod nanos, a party at The Curtis Four Square Ballroom, a disco brunch and more. Who’s Lloyd? The hotel’s robot mascot, who escorts guests to their rooms.


Ty Reed Shell