‘No Sl#tb*gs’ Wanted in Fake Ads for Weiner Interns

Also, no cops and no snitches -- but some cameras might be allowed

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Pat O'brien/Funny Or Die

The Anthony Weiner recruitment flyer that has been popping up around New York

Anthony Weiner’s troubled candidacy for New York City mayor is receiving a bit of unsolicited help.

Over the last three days, flyers proclaiming “Interns Wanted” and purporting to recruit for the Weiner campaign have begun appearing around the city,

But there’s something a little off about this not-exactly-official advertisement: The posters specify “NO SL#TB*GS” in large, bold type.

Apparently the work of comedy website Funny or Die, the flyers take a no-holds-barred approach to parodying the ex-congressman’s most recent sexting scandal.

In addition to the “sl#tb*gs” comment — a reference to one Weiner aide’s use of the slur in a tirade against a former campaign intern — the posters also state that “NO COPS” and “NO SNITCHES” would be accepted.

A crossed out “NO CAMERAS” disclaimer also appears on the flyer, with “some cameras” scribbled in its place.

Funny or Die isn’t the only company to make fun of Weiner’s raunchy texts. Spirit Airlines created a fake movie poster for The Weiner Rises Again, starring “Carlos Danger,” Weiner’s sexting pseudonym. Automaker Mini followed a similar track, creating the twitter account @CarlosDMotor and sending out a faux-explicit bathroom shot featuring one of their cars.

Even private citizens have gotten into the act of making false propaganda for the politician. One entrepreneurial spirit founded DangerforMayor.com, a website that sells an “Erect Carlos Danger for Mayor” shirt. Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert roasted Weiner by showing a clip of a fake superhero cartoon entitled “Carlos Danger: Secret Mayor.”

Right now, Weiner can use all the help he can get. According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, the former Mayoral front-runner has fallen to fourth place behind ex-Comptroller Bill Thompson.

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