WATCH: Bear Steals Entire Dumpster from Colorado Restaurant

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When in doubt, just take the whole dumpster.

On Wednesday morning, employees of Edelweiss, a German restaurant in Colorado Springs, Colo., were a little perplexed when they found an entire dumpster tipped over in the parking lot when they showed up to work. When they reviewed security footage from the night before, they were more than a little amused to find out the culprit was a bear skilled in the art of dumpster diving.

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“Intruder stealing the dumpster last night,” the restaurant posted on its Facebook page. “WOW. This must be the Mama.”

Apparently, it’s not the first time the same bear has come sniffing around the restaurant. We think it might have something to do with the restaurant’s signature rouladen, which consists of “thinly-sliced beef, rolled with bacon, pickles, onions and mustard; braised and served with a dark gravy, fried potatoes and red cabbage.”

Hmm, must be time for lunch.