WATCH: A Cat Celebrates Shark Week

Why should sharks have all the fun?

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As many of us opt out of cleaning the kitchen so we can snuggle up on the couch and watch the marathon of shark attacks on TV during the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, we may be guilty of ignoring our own animals. The only viable solution for a dirty kitchen and a jealous cat during Shark Week is to dress the pet in a shark costume and plop him on a Roomba while we tend to kitchen chores, like the woman in the video above does. Sadly, the cat gets only a few token glimpses from the lady, who seems more interested in shucking corn over the garbage bin than admiring her robot-riding, costume-clad cat.

If you’re behind the eight ball here and need to get your pet a costume ASAP,  you can also check out these cat costumes on Imgur or this one for dogs on Etsy.

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