Texas Restaurant Bans Kids after 7 P.M.

After an incident with several gregarious children, one Houston restaurant has decided to put the new policy into effect

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La Fishiera

The Houston-area restaurant, La Fishiera, will no longer serve children under the age of 8 past 7 p.m.

First, babies weren’t allowed in first class. Now they’re being banned from some restaurants.

La Fisheria, a Mexican restaurant in Houston, Tex. is the latest eating establishment to put the kibosh on little munchkins who insist on wreaking havoc on fellow patrons. Starting this week, the restaurant will begin enforcing a rule that prohibits any child under the age of eight from dining at the establishment past 7 p.m.

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“We have a lot of complaints from couples who decide to have dinner and the customers say ‘I left my children at my house with the babysitter and we come to the restaurant and see children running around the restaurant screaming and crying,'” co-owner Aquiles Chavez told local ABC affiliate KTRK, who notes that 7 p.m. is when they often begin serving drinks and wine.

According to Death and Taxes magazine, co-owner Ena Niño says the policy was only instituted after several customers walked out after several screaming children created an incident at the establishment.

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Some customers—childless, we assume—are praising the move, saying they welcome the ability to eat and have a few drinks in peace. However, not everyone is on board with the rule. Houston resident Bertran Bilton lamented to local station WFAA, “If I had kids under nine, I definitely wouldn’t support them. I believe families should be able to eat together.”

Several other restaurants across the country have given kids the cold shoulder as well. As Delish reports, “This past June, in Alexandria, Virginia, The Sushi Bar banned those who are 18 and under. Over in Pennsylvania, McDain’s Restaurant in Monroeville banned kids under six completely back in 2011.” Harsh.