Watch Sesame Street Spoof Sons of Anarchy and Icona Pop’s “I Love It”

Sesame Street rolls out Cookie Monster and the Sons of Poetry in two G-rated parodies

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With the new season of Sesame Street set to begin on Sept. 16, the long-running show has released some YouTube videos just for parents.

First up is Icona Pop’s smash hit single “I Love It”. In the video, Cookie Monster offers his spin on the ubiquitous pop song with “I Want It,” where the furry puppet does his best to resist the temptation of cookies. His message is of self-control and temperance (“Me want it, but me wait”), something parents battling a toddler’s sweet tooth undoubtedly appreciate.

Sesame Street also rolled out a clip that gives the FX motorcycle gang drama Sons of Anarchy a G-rated makeover swapping poetry-spouting puppets for the Sons’ leather-clad gun-runners. In the video, Sons Jax, Clay, Bobby and Tig trade their firearms for free-verse in the more age-appropriate “Sons of Poetry,” which also features a cameo by Edgar Allan Poe’s raven.

After watching the clip, the show’s notoriously crotchety creator, Kurt Sutter, tweeted his appreciation:

Watch now:


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