Meet the Owner of Walter White’s House on Breaking Bad

As many as 200 people cruise by each day to get a peek at the Alburquerque home where the high school chemistry teacher first got the idea to start cooking meth for a living

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Frances Padilla may be one of the few people in America happy to see Breaking Bad end. The final eight episodes of the show get under way on Sunday, Aug. 11th, and at the end of those eight weeks, Frances Padilla’s life may finally go back to normal.

You see, Padilla owns the Alburquerque, N.M., home that serves as the Walter White’s house on the show, and fans of AMC’s intense drama have been known to cruise past Padilla’s residence for a peek. Some days Padilla has spotted close to 200 Walter White watchers rolling down the quiet street for a chance to gawk at the home where high school chemistry teacher Walter White first got the idea to start cooking up meth.

Now, thanks to MachinimaETC, fans can ogle the house on the internet without disturbing the homeowners, who had no idea that Breaking Bad would become a phenomenon when the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan, asked to set up shop in the house back in 2008.

Watch the video, but be forewarned: Padilla doesn’t know what to expect on the show’s final season either.

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