Canned Epicurean: Designer Creates Condensed 12-Course Meal

Just don't expect the pomp of a lavish multi-course spread

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Chris Godfrey / All In One

London-based designer Chris Godfrey has made a culinary mess, and canned it up as an on-the-go alternative to a 12-course meal. The Kingston University graphic design student cooked up the idea while researching his dissertation on how our culture of consumerism distorts our buying choices.

“We all buy into gimmicks whether it be ‘buy one get one free’, ‘all in one’ or ‘one size fits all,'” Godfrey says. “The 12 course meal encourages viewers to question the novelty nature of our consumer culture.  Just because it is a deal, does it actually provide the most beneficial option?”

What’s in it?


Chris Godfrey / All In One
  • Local cheeses with sourdough bread
  • Pickled Kobe beef with charred strawberry
  • Ricotta ravioli with a soft egg yolk
  • Shiitake mushroom with filled peppers
  • Hailbut poached in truffle butter in a coconut crepe
  • French onion soup with fresh thyme and gruyère cheese
  • Risotto with foraged ramps, prosciutto and fresh Parmesan
  • Roasted pork belly and celeriac root purée
  • Ribeye steak with grilled mustard greens
  • Palate cleanser, pear ginger juice
  • Crack pie with milk ice cream on a vanilla tuile
  • French canelé with a malt barley and hazelnut latte

Though not for sale, the art project has attracted some internet attention, touting the canned courses as cheaper option for those not afforded the opportunity to dine among the culinary elite. But Godfrey says it’s not a meal he’d be willing to try. “They say it always tastes better if someone else cooks for you,” Godfrey says, “so I offered it to my housemates, but they too declined.”

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