WATCH: Breaking Bad Theme Song Played on Meth Lab ‘Instruments’

Perhaps this will tide you over until next week's episode

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Still on a high from this week’s ultra-thrilling Breaking Bad season premiere? Us too. Luckily, musician Andrew Huang has a little something to keep everyone going until the next episode: a cover of the show’s theme song, played entirely on instruments found in a meth lab. Because why not?

On his YouTube channel, Huang has already posted a song made out of water, a song in which he raps in five languages, and an awesome cover of the 30 Rock theme song. But his latest Walter White-inspired musical feat just might be his best. He covers the show’s theme song using frying pans, coffee filters, beakers, buckets, propane tanks, rubber tubing — and occasionally, just a smidge of guitar.

Watch another cover of the Breaking Bad theme song here — this time, an acoustic slide guitar version:

And an electronic remix by the Hood Internet:

And, finally, an over-the-top dubstep remix:

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