WATCH: Escape the NSA with ‘Eddy’ in Snowden Videogame

German game developer Binji lets you take control of NSA leaker Edward Snowden as he flees the U.S. Goverment

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German game developer Binji helped Edward Snowden escape the NSA after leaking secrets about their surveilance…at least digitally. Binji’s new, free online videogame, Eddy’s Run: The Prism Prison, is “a bow” to Snowden, turning the real life “hero” into a pixel one.

In the game, 8 -bit Snowden avoids cameras , drones, and government agents with help from reporters and exploding laptops. ┬áThe game’s best feature, however, might be the “Take Action” button which directs players to sign a petition on demanding Snowden be “treated fairly, humanely and given due process.”