Blurred Lines, The San Diego Sex Scandal Edition

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In a political climate where sex scandals are constantly cropping up and reemerging, Robin Thicke’s controversial song of the summer, Blurred Lines, couldn’t have been released at a better time for parodies.

U-T TV, an online news venture affiliated with the UT-San Diego newspaper, formerly the San Diego Union-Tribune, released a spoof of the song, lampooning Mayor Bob Filner in light of recent sexual harassment allegations against him. The video –which features Filner’s head superimposed on a man’s body and female anchors dancing in skirts and high heels — has drawn criticism from other news organizations that find it peculiar they should call out the mayor’s behavior by using a song that’s also been lambasted as misogynistic.

Throughout the video words like “RESIGN and “CREEPER” appear across the screen as the female TV anchors wag fingers to lyrics calling out Filner’s alleged behavior, playing into an already sexualized music video.

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But perhaps the biggest debate among other journalists remains whether they should have posted the video at all, with some arguing U-T TV blurs its own lines of reporting credible news.

“When Stephen Colbert gets up and dances it’s funny,” said Dean Nelson, director of the journalism program at Point Loma Nazarene University to the Los Angeles Times. “When news people try to do it, then the next time they are reporting the straight news, I think the audience is thinking ‘What am I supposed to take seriously here?’ “

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