Introducing Avocado Ale — and Other Odd Beers

Don't judge it till you've quaffed it

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Courtesy of Angel City Brewery

Confirmed fact number one: avocados are delicious. Confirmed fact number two: beer is delicious. Unconfirmed fact still up for debate: avocado-flavored beer could potentially be delicious.

Soon beer fans in L.A. will have a chance to find out. As the Los Angeles Times reports, Angel City Brewery will soon introduce its Avocado Ale, made not just with avocados, but also with cilantro and other ingredients one would generally find in guacamole. Bizarre? Yes. But remember, guacamole is the pinnacle of deliciousness. The beer will debut on Aug. 24 at the inaugural Avocado Festival, held at the brewery. For now, it looks poised to be a local brew, but if it catches on, perhaps it could be the next national craze.

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Though of course, this won’t be the first strange beer flavor that adventurous drinkers can find around the country. A brewery outside Cleveland, for example, serves a peanut butter cup coffee porter on tap. The Oregon-based Rogue Ales sells a bacon and maple syrup ale — which the company suggests pairing with doughnuts and pork. And for dessert fans, Michigan-based Shorts Brewing Company offers a key lime pie beer (brewed with fresh limes, milk sugar, graham cracker, and marshmallow fluff).

So basically, for all you aspiring beer-makers out there who want to serve up creative concoctions: if you can dream it, you can brew it.

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