Sunny, the New Obama Puppy

A 14-month old Portuguese water dog became the latest four-legged friend to walk the White House halls. See Bo, Barney, and other pets that have found a home in the Oval Office.

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Bo is no longer the only First Pup of the United States. Sunny, a 14-month-old Portuguese water dog, became the newest member of the Obama family on Monday, and the internet erupted in cuteness. The President had said in his 2012 victory speech that “for now one dog’s probably enough.” He has changed his mind.

Sunny has a lot to look forward to as the White House’s newest celebrity. Bo, now almost 5, has enjoyed a full life starring on the White House Instagram feed and hanging out in the Oval Office. Bo also got to join the Obamas in Martha’s Vineyard last week for the First Family’s vacation. He visits soldiers at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and patients at the Children’s National Medical Center.

Bo joined the family in 2009 to fulfill a promise Obama had made to Sasha and Malia in the 2008 campaign. He was a gift from the late Sen. Ted Kennedy and family, and the Obamas disclosed his worth to be $1600 in their 2009 financial disclosure form.

The Obamas are making a donation in honor of Sunny to the Washington Humane Society.


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