The Silent ‘Desk Rage’ Epidemic

Computer mishaps and unappreciative bosses are among Brits' top aggravations at work

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From printer malfunctions to coworkers who shirk responsibility, office life can incite a little anger in everyone. So it may come as little surprise that more than 51% of Britons admit to experiencing rage at work, according to a new study. Indeed, the average worker experiences angry “desk rage” at least twice a day, with 42% citing Monday as the day they’re most weary — typically by noon — according to the Telegraph.

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Taking a cue from Peter Gibbons in Office Space, the survey  — which was sponsored by Old Jamaica Extra Fiery Ginger Beer — looked at how small irritations can be heightened in work environments. Some 20% of respondents indicated their boss as the most loathsome, while a third pointed to coworkers. Other gripes include employees who spend too much time on social media and take long smoke breaks, as well as bosses who refuse to show gratitude. Some employees said they become particularly vexed when a coworker uses their desk and leaves it in disarray.

But don’t expect confrontation from these Britons, who are known for their tendency to behave properly, rather than make a fuss. Regardless of rage, only 13% of those surveyed said they would confront the offender while 64% try to ignore the problem.

Here’s a list of office workers’ Top 20 frustrations, as reported by the Telegraph:

1. Computer crashing

2. Colleague claiming credit for your work

3. Rude client

4. People talking when you’re trying to concentrate

5. The printer won’t work

6. Someone borrows your desk and leaves it a mess

7. The boss fails to thank you for your hard work

8. The phone constantly ringing

9. People who misread / don’t read emails properly

10. You learn a colleague has been bad mouthing you

11. Others sucking up to the boss

12. Being overlooked for a pay rise in favor of someone else

13. People who gossip

14. You are refused a pay rise despite not having one for years

15. People who spend time on Facebook and Twitter when they should be working

16. People who spend time surfing the net when they should be working

17. Someone sits at your desk without asking

18. Colleagues who take long smoking breaks

19. Untidiness

20. Not having time for a lunch break

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