This Guy’s Résumé Looks Just Like CNN’s Homepage

Impressive design

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Fanis Poulinakis

And the award for most creative online résumé goes to … CNN? Wait a minute, that’s not CNN — not unless the C in CNN is now an F, and the Dow and Nasdaq are fending off exchange newcomer Fanis. Yep, it’s just some random guy who went and made his résumé look just like CNN’s homepage.

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Bravo, intrepid fella, that’s some impressive facsimile you’ve got going, from the same candy apple gradients and slate grays to the mock trends bar (“feats” instead). And hey, FNN’s weather widget actually … O.K., no, it doesn’t work, but at least the pop-up recommendation for this was unexpectedly intriguing.

As Design Taxi notes, it seems New Yorker Fanis Poulinakis — that’s apparently him mugging in the site’s street-chaos lead shot — opted to morph his résumé into something resembling the popular global news site to draw eyeballs (box meet checked).

“Global Resume Alert,” reads FNN’s mock headline. “Total chaos! 22 U.S companies fighting over Fanis.”

How do you say “Fanis Poulinakis”? As Poulinakis notes in the fine print: “This website was made in August 2013 by Fanis Poulinakis in order for people to learn how to pronounce his name correctly (he is tired of ordering coffee by the name Alex). He is also in search for his dream job!!! No Commercial Use and/or Copyright Infringement intended.”

Mystery solved; just watch the following video, linked on the site, in which “President Obama” rolls out the plaudits.


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