There’s a New ‘How Animals Eat Their Food’ Video

Do meerkats tell their children to eat like humans?

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In the film A Christmas Story, a mother, desperate to get her son to eat some food, suggests that he eat like a pig. The kid eagerly dives face first into a mountain of mashed potatoes and scarfs it down, just like a hog. It’s a scene that has played out in countless TV airings of the Christmas classic as well as in kitchens across America. Now, a viral video shows what happens when that kid grows up, launches a YouTube channel and starts making  videos where he and his friends reenact How Animals Eat Their Food.

The first installment of  Mister Epic Mann‘s humorous twist on wildlife documentaries has close to 81 million views on YouTube, so it comes as little surprise that a newly-released second installment already boasts 1.2 million views. How Animals Eat Their Food Part 2 follows even more hilarious humans as they reenact the eating habits of antelopes, bunnies, meerkats, cheetahs, llamas, fruit flies, horses, fish and more. Of course when you have humans tackling each other for science and laughs, there’s inevitably a blooper reel.

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