WATCH: Russian Army Chorus Covers Adele’s “Skyfall”

And it's strangely beautiful and enchanting

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Sorry Adele, we know you’re supremely talented and amazing and everything, and we want to cry every time you belt out your haunting James Bond theme, “Skyfall.” But you might want to watch your back, because a new cover version is coming dangerously close to becoming our favorite song.

The Russian Army Chorus, also known as the Alexandrov Ensemble Official Armed Forces Choir, put on full military uniforms and giant caps and stopped by a Russian morning talk show last week to give a little concert. For whatever reason, the seven-man choir chose Adele’s “Skyfall.” It sounds bizarre, but seriously, this is worth a watch. Their version is beautiful and captivating, and plus — bonus! — you get to see the show’s anchors getting all weird and dramatic during the performance.

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