Grumpy Cat Is Officially the Internet’s Favorite Feline Meme

And she's still unimpressed

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In just over a year, Grumpy Cat—made famous by this video—has amassed the kind of accolades that would make most human celebrities hiss with jealousy: she’s landed a movie deal, “written” a New York Times bestselling book, and even lent her likeness to a coffee line (“Grumpuccino”). And now, as of last night, she’s also the winner of the coveted Golden Kitty award, bestowed by web users to their favorite viral kitty.

It’s the top accolade at the Internet Cat Video Festival at Minnesota’s State Fair, sponsored by the Walker Art Center. And the competition was fierce: Grumpy’s original YouTube video received 20,000 votes from cat video fans, besting the likes of a cat that licks vacuum cleaners and a cat in a shark costume riding a Roomba.

Then again, grumpy cats have historically had an edge. Last year, at the Walker Art Center’s inaugural event, the Golden Kitty was awarded to an angsty kitty known as Henri Le Chat Noir, whose likeness was paired with existential musings on YouTube: “The 15 hours I sleep have no effect. I wake to the same tedium.”

Elsewhere at the festival, seven “celebricats” were inducted into a “Hall of Fame”: Keyboard Cat, Nyan Cat, Henri Le Chat Noir, Kittens Inspired by Kittens, Maru, Boots and Cats, and Lil Bub, a toothless litter runt whose documentary aired at the Tribeca Film Festival.


Walker Art Center

Perhaps not surprisingly, the more than 10,000 fans who turned out seemed more excited to be there than the cats. Some held up cat masquerade masks on sticks, while others painted their faces to look like jungle cats – and even Grumpy Cat. One woman wore a leopard print tunic and cat ear headband, while another sported white leggings with rainbow-colored cat faces. According to the Star Tribune‘s live blog, there were cardboard cutouts of cats everywhere, Grumpy Cat crop art, and people dressed in cat onesies.

But it’s hard to decide which they’d dub a more memorable moment: watching someone carve a cat sculpture out of butter or watching this meeting of the minds between Grumpy and Lil Bub.

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One reference to the Walker Art Center was incorrectly spelled “Walter Art Center.” This article has been updated to fix the error.