How Taking Photos of Your Food Can Provide Meals to At-Risk Kids

For every "foodstagram," participating restaurants donate to a charity

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Ana Arevalo / AFP / Getty Images

Do your friends always make fun of you when you take out your smartphone at restaurants to post photos of your meals online? Well now you can be like, “In your face, you guys, because by doing this I’m actually helping people and contributing to the greater good of the world.”

Celebrity chef Mario Batali teamed with the Lunchbox Fund — a nonprofit that provides healthy meals to orphaned and vulnerable schoolchildren in South Africa — to launch an app called Feedie, available for iPhone users. Here’s how it works: you sign in with Twitter or Facebook, then check Feedie’s map for a participating restaurant. Once you check in and share a photo of your meal on one of your social networks, the restaurant will make a donation to the Lunchbox Fund.

As of right now, there are about 100 participating restaurants, with most of them located in New York City — including local foodie favorites like The Spotted Pig and La Esquina. Lunchbox Fund founder Topaz Page-Green told ABC News that the app plans to expand to more areas. She also plans to get the app up and running for Android as well. Restaurants hoping to participate can sign up on the Feedie website, which also tracks how many meals have been provided so far.

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