WATCH: Speedy Driver Claims to Circle Manhattan in 24 Minutes

The NYPD is looking for the unnamed speed demon

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The New York Police Department is looking for a man behind a YouTube video that claims to show, from the dashboard of a BMW Z4, the record for the fastest loop around Manhattan.

The video, posted last week under the username AfroDuckProduction, purports to show the man drive around the 26.5 mile loop in 24 minutes, two minutes faster than the previous publicly claimed record of 26 minutes. That means AfroDuckProduction averaged about 66 miles per hour around the island—including the six red lights he says he stopped at—where the speed limit is generally 40 mph.

“We’ve seen this before.  We’ve taken enforcement action,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told Fox News. “We now have license plate readers that will help in this investigation.”