Man Allegedly Steals Date’s Blackberry When She Won’t Split Tab


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A London man is now on trial for allegedly stealing his date’s Blackberry in February after she refused to go dutch on a round of drinks at an expensive bar, The Telegraph reports.

The man, Kishore Nimmala, dropped the equivalent of $84 on drinks at a ritzy club to impress his date, Fakhara Sultana, the article states. When he suggested she pick up the next round, she said she didn’t have any money and had assumed he would pay for the first date. Nimmala became irritated, so Sultana cut the date short and walked to the train.

Nimmala chased after her, but not to give her back a glass slipper. He followed her to the train, and then allegedly grabbed her phone and ran. Prosecutor Helen Thomas told The Telegraph, “When asked why he ran away, the defendant said ‘she took my money,’ adding ‘I took her phone.'”

The couple met on the dating site Zoosk. No word yet on whether Nimmala plans to get back out there after his trial.

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