WATCH: Balloon Artist Creates Amazing Iron Man Costume

Jeff Wright assembled the disguise in less than 10 hours, using 364 balloons

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Balloon artist — actually, “artist” may be too weak a word, so let’s go with balloon “magical-wizard” — Jeff Wright, known for the Buzz Lightyear costume he made in 2011, is at it again. This time, streaming service blinkbox challenged him to create an Iron Man costume in under 10 hours and using no more than 500 balloons. Obviously, he was up for the task. But apparently, the most difficult part was simply not knowing how it would turn out.

“I’m much less of an actual artist in the traditional sense and more of a trial-and-error engineer,” Wright told Mashable. “With experience, things are much easier, but I still sweat it out every once in a while.”

Wright managed to put the impressively intricate costume together in just under 10 hours, using a total of 364 balloons. Watch the whole project come together in the above video.

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