Kid Shaming: 6 Grownups Who Publicly Humiliated Their Offspring

From street corners to social media, the extreme tactic is undeniably having a moment

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A California mom made headlines this week when she made her 11-year old daughter wear a sign on a street corner for twerking at a school dance “without permission.”

But Frances Hena isn’t the only parent to take discipline to the streets. Here are 5 other parents who tried to humiliate their kids towards the straight and narrow:

Kelly Howell of Batavia, NY made her 8-year old son stand outside with a sign confessing to stealing from his parents.

Tre’zahn Blaha‘s uncle made him wear a sign that read “I like to steal and I have no respect for my mother or authority” after he was suspended from school.

Bob Higgins made his stepson Jimmy hold a sign confessing to “cussing out a teacher.”

This military mom made her daughter Taya stand outside a department store with a sign after she was suspended from school five times and stole from a department store.

But if all else fails,  you can always shoot your daughter’s laptop like this dad

… then post the video on her Facebook.

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