Tokyo Man Already In Line For New Apple iPhone 5S

And you thought you were an Apple fan

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Michael Dalder / Reuters

Customers gather outside an Apple store before the release of iPhone 5 in Munich early September 21, 2012.

Apple’s sleek new iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S won’t be available for purchase until September 20th, but one man isn’t taking any chances. He’s already standing in line to purchase the new 5S, a full ten days before it’s for sale.

As Kotaku reports, a Tokyo man has staked out a spot in front of Tokyo’s Apple store in order to be first in line when the phones are released to the public. Kotaku translated the tweets of Twitter user @Xxxprius who tweeted, “I went ahead and got the first place in line.”

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The determined consumer is camped out in Tokyo’s swanky Ginza shopping district with all the trappings of a purchase-driven sit-in including folding chair and table, umbrella, cooler and an iPad and iPhone to live tweet the experience. While he may have some creature comforts with him, he knows the remaining nine days may be difficult. “I’m lined up at the Ginza Apple Store where the new iPhone 5S launches in ten days,” @Xxxprius said in one tweet, according to Kotaku. “This might be tough.”

Those consumers who would like to purchase either the 5C or 5S, but are unwilling to camp out for the privilege, can preorder the new iPhone 5C beginning Sept. 13th; the iPhone 5S will be available in store (as will the 5C) and for order on Sept. 20.

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