Harvey Mudd Graduates Earn Highest Salaries

Forget Harvard (or Princeton). According to a new survey, graduates from this Claremont, Calif. school reported the highest median salary by mid-career

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Princeton University was number one in this year’s US News & World Report ranking of best national universities, but it may not be your best choice if you’re looking for a top salary down the line.

Graduates from Harvey Mudd College, the science and engineering school in Claremont, Calif., reported the highest median salary by mid-career of any school, according to a new survey from salary-information company PayScale.

Graduates with ten or more years of work experience reported a median salary of $143,00. Princeton graduates, the top ivy League school on the list, reported the sixth highest figure, at $121,000. The data include responses from 1.4 million college graduates from 1,016 schools without advanced degrees.

Here are the top ten mid-career salaries by school:

1. Harvey Mudd College: $143,000

2. United States Naval Academy at Annapolis: $131,000

3 – Tie. California Institute of Technology: $124,000

3 – Tie. Stevens Institute of Technology: $124,000

4. Babson College: $123,000

5. Princeton University: $121,000

6. United States Military Academy at Westpoint: $120,000

8 – Tie. Stanford University: $119,000

8 – Tie. Harvard University: $119,000

8 – Tie. Brown University: 119,000

See the full survey here.