Whoops! Woman Drives Car into Lake While Texting

Don't text and...aww, do we really need to say it?

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Courtesy Charles County Sheriff's Office

A car in motion on a highway, a cellphone in the driver’s hand, the driver texting instead of paying attention to the road, a lake off the shoulder — yeah, this doesn’t end well.

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Not that texting while driving is ever a good idea (in addition to being illegal in most states), but driving distracted while cruising next to large bodies of water, well, it probably means you’re going to end up in the drink.

Like a Maryland woman who NBC News Washington says crashed into a lake Tuesday afternoon. NBC reports that authorities have disclosed the woman was texting while driving.

The police said the 25-year-old drive of a Hyundai was driving northbound on St. Charles Parkway near Wakefield lake in Waldorf, Maryland, at some point left the road then glanced off a tree before arrowing some 60 feet into the lake — to a point about five feet deep.

She was able to escape, thank goodness, rolling down a window and emerging from the vehicle on her own before emergency crews showed up to whisk her off to the hospital with minor injuries. The car has since been removed from the lake, and WSUA9.com says the police plan to press charges.

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