Woman Charged with Stabbing Roommate Who Won’t Stop Listening to The Eagles

Sometimes Don Henley just won't do

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As anyone who has watched The Big Lebowski knows, Eagles fans are not to be messed with. And after recent events, it appears that the band’s detractors should be left alone, too. A Charleston, South Carolina woman is accused of allegedly stabbing her roommate multiple times for refusing to stop playing music by the classic rock band The Eagles.

Police were called to investigate reports of an assault with a knife. When officers arrived on the scene, they discovered a 64-year old man with cuts on his hands and arms, cuts the man claimed were caused by his roommate (and one-time girlfriend), 54-year old Vernett Bader. The man said he had been listening to The Eagles with another man when Bader told him that she did not want to hear Witchy WomanTequila Sunrise or any other of Don Henley’s classic rock songs. The man told her to shut up, the report states, which is when Bader allegedly went for the knife.

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The two men were able to wrestle the 14-inch serrated bread knife away from Bader, which is when she allegedly grabbed another blade from the kitchen. According to the police report, Bader admitted that she stabbed her roommate, but alleged that she did so out of self-defense, because he was choking her. Police were unable to see any marks on Bader’s throat to corroborate her story. Needless to say, everyone involved in the incident was intoxicated, according to the report. Bader was taken into custody on charges of criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature and held at the Charleston County jail pending a bond hearing.

While the police report did not specify which Eagles songs were being played, one might venture a guess it was Hotel California.

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