Real-Life Breaking Bad Scene: Tokyo Gigolo Boss Was Dissolved in Chemicals, Police Say

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Breaking Bad’s Walter White, the chemistry teacher-turned-meth-producer, has real-life competition in the category of dreaming up grisly ways to dispose of bodies.

Police in Tokyo arrested seven people in connection with the murder of a gigolo club-owner whose body they allegedly dissolved in drain cleaner chemicals—a method employed in the fictional AMC hit show (first in Season 1, Episode 2, according to this list of the top ten chemistry scenes from Breaking Bad).

Masamichi Tscuchida, then 43, disappeared in November 2010 from his Tokyo club, where female guests paid to be entertained by well-dressed men, AFP reports. Police discovered that he had been dissolved only when they found a dental implant linked to Tscuchida in a sewage tank.

Police have arrested, among others, the club’s co-owner, a former employee, and their ex-wives.