The Best College Food in America

So much for mystery meat in the dining hall. Students at these schools chow down on everything from organic vegetables to mussels in butter sauce

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If your diet in college mainly consisted of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Keystone Light, then you were missing out.

The Daily Meal just released its list of the “60 Best Colleges for Food in America,” based on a study of campus dining at 2,000 four-year colleges nationwide that considered healthy, locally-sourced ingredients, the number of dining options and their hours of operation, nutrition education programs, student feedback, and social media presence.

Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine leads the list, thanks to dishes like mussels in butter sauce, an active organic garden that grows produce for the dining halls, an online collection of recipes, and lobster rolls, if you make the right friends.

Other fun facts about the top 10: meat is processed on Virginia Tech’s campus, chefs hold cooking classes at Washington University at St. Louis, and a JELL-O eating contest takes place at Georgia’s Kennesaw State University.

Here’s an excerpt from the full list; details about standout dishes are on The Daily Meal’s website.

1.            Bowdoin College, Maine
2.            Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri
3.            Virginia Tech, Virginia
4.            Emory University, Georgia
5.            UCLA, California
6.            Cornell University, New York
7.            UMass Amherst, Massachusetts
8.            Kennesaw State University, Georgia
9.            Tufts University, Massachusetts
10.          Yale University, Connecticut
11.          St. Olaf College, Minnesota
12.          Northwestern University, Illinois
13.          Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania
14.          Occidental College, California
15.          Grinnell College, Iowa
16.          UC Berkeley, California
17.          UC Davis, California
18.          Columbia University, New York
19.          Princeton University, New Jersey
20.          Stanford University, California

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